Top 12 Best PPD Websites To Earn Money Online [Verified]

Best PPD Website – PPD is known as (pay per download). If you want to earn money Via  Pay Per Download Websites so, in this article tell about some most popular genuine website list based on my experience I will give you the Best 12 PPD Website link. All the websites will mention are tested, most High paying sites But, most of the people have no idea about there are many highest paying PPD Sites are available. So, we are going to make it easier for you to provide some best website name to earn money and make easier to select the most beneficial site. All these websites are one hundred percent trusted, genuine and known as best pay per download website

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Now at that current time Adsense is not enough to generate money from website and blogs.. if your website’s income only depends only on Ads, but you won’t be able to make enough revenue for the expansion of your at present time There are a lot of other ways of income that you can use to generate more revenue. One of the best methods is pay per download website which you give them some amount of money in the successful installation of any distinctive software or tool. So, now  let’s find out to exploring the best PPD sites of 2020 name to find a better option for revenue

Best PPD Website - PPD is known as (pay per download). If you want to earn money Via  Pay Per Download Websites so, in this article tell about some most
Top 12 Best PPD Websites To Earn Money Online

What is PPD website 

Pay per Download website work model when unique visitors come through your link or download your digital products through sites. on your site server, you use an intermediate site known as PPD Network where you host your digital products and offer them to download free to visitors.

This Chain is such that you get paid whenever your file is any people you earn some amount of money or  You do not have to spend any money on listing your product.

PPD Marketing network offers you a Great tremendous opportunity to earn money online by monetizing your downloadable digital products like file, application, e-books, software, manuals, stock photos, PDF files, etc.

Pay Per Download website which pays us for per download of any software or tools. For earning with PPD you have to upload your content on websites and if anybody downloads your content website pay for per download. In today time there are many PPD websites are available on the internet but most of them are fraud or these types of websites don’t pay money. But at that many sites present on the internet there are some hundred percent trusted PPD websites available, these sites genuinely pay you for every download. 

Types of Best PPD Website

There are two types of PPD site name as:-

  1. PPD Sites With Survey.
  2. PPD Sites Without Survey

The first one is the Survey website Or the second one is the Without Survey. Website. Survey sites are paying the highest amount of money for each download because 90% of users can not complete the survey.

On without the survey website are paying the very low amount of money for every download because 90% of users can easily download files from them.

How PPD site works and why to use PPD website

How ppd site works and why to use pdp website
How PPD site works and why to use the PPD website

Pay per download network is a simple and easy way of technique for making money online in which you do not have to need any investment to start your online marketing program. With successful PPD network marketing, you end up creating a fixed clause of passive or automated revenue resources.

Pay per download website Marketing offers you the chance of highly-targeted product listings for the entire targeted range of your digital products. Excepts for the title, you can also display sponsored tags in your product on PPD Networks. You just need to sign in for a PPD site and ad their exclusive set of terms and conditions to be able to run free download campaigns.

Most of e-entrepreneurs consider that making money online needs an initial amount of investment. But, the truth is quite different. In fact at present, online marketing has taken giant leaps onward and involved a big way offering terrific earning opportunities for e-entrepreneurs.

Pay per download, it is one of the quickest and the easiest method for online money earning. It is free or does not require any previous online marketing knowledge, or don’t need to any type of programming skills.

PPD Marketing is simple and easy to handle and operate or you just to do one thing create your account upload your files to PPD site and then share links for downloading files.

Then, earning potential is Also huge in the PPD Marketing site. Every time your file gets downloaded, you get the minimum amount  from $0.50 to $20

There are also some marketing network which offer high payouts like $20 for a single download.

According to my opinion “Yes” I  am preferred to use Pay per Download (PPD) Website for earning revenue


1.Adscend Media – Top PPD Site

Adscend Media – Top PPD Site
Adscend Media – Top PPD Site

Adscend Media one of the most popular websites it is a CPA marketing network dedicated to providing high quality leads to advertisers or a good payout service network. This is one the best option because they wage for pays per click marketing program,. One of the websites where you can upload anything, on every click on the download button of your content, you will be earned in dollars

.Adscend Media offers you a great opportunity of monetization tools they helping affiliates to make revenue with their online content.

Their account management team dedicated to ensures you go on maximize your revenues generation, They help affiliates by providing some monetization tips or techniques.

So, with Adscend Media, you get huge opportunities in affiliate marketing, or also ensures that these opportunities for a long time. and you can earn in the dollar. 

Go to the official website or sign up and upload your content and earn revenue from them.

  • Payout Methods – PayPal, Check, Wire, ACH
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Payout Time Schedule – Net 7, Net 15
JOIN NOW also a content file uploading website when any user downloads your content you get revenue from them,. This website is safe or genuine or this site also user friendly they don’t show any add on website that guarantees the users to download your files without annoying pop-ups or false links.

Go to the official website from the below link create your new account enter your username or enter your e-mail id or set a password to choose your payment option.

  • Using Your Referral Link: You can refer people and they join from your link you earn 15% of their profits.
  • Write an article about us (you can even use your referral link in it!) and earn $2.
  • Payout Methods – Paypal/Payeer/Webmoney/bitcoin
  • Minimum payout is 5$
  • Payout Time Schedule After request under 7 days

3.DollarUpload Survey PPD Website

DollarUpload is also one of the best PPD sites to earn money by uploading content on it. Go to The Official website create a new account with your email after that, upload your contents and share your link on social media platforms and share on your blog if any readers or website visitors try to download the file,. when users click on upload they have to fill some short Surveys or offers after that On every successful download, you will earn some money.

Dollar upload allows you to upload any type of contents on it, no matters its Image, Zip file, mp3, Video or anything else.for free

  • Payment methods through:- Skrill, Payza, and WebMoney or PayPal
  • Minimum payout: 50$
  • Payout schedule: Under 7 days from date of requesting
DollarUpload Survey PPD Website
                      DollarUpload Survey PPD Website

4.FileIce – Survey PPD Website

FileIce.Net is one of the most consider  PPD sites to find and explore the best make revenue online offers from your blog or website.

Whenever visitors come or download content from the website then visitor has to complete a short survey or offer in the process to download the file. They pay more than 1$ on every successful conversion.

and their average EPC is $0.20 from US traffic. or the conversion rates are over 25%.

But fleece is not new user friendly they only approve Those applicants who they are think experienced in this niche, their approval rate is “strictly limited”.

So, if you want to get approval on FileIce, it is required that you should have some experience of making money on other PPD websites. Or, you have to be clear on how you would be driving traffic to your files.

Go to the official website You just have to create a new account after creating just start uploading your files on this platform.

  • Payout Methods: PayPal, Check, Wire Transfer, ACH Direct Deposit
  • Minimum Payout – $50
  • Payout Schedule: Net 7, Net 15
JOIN NOW – Best PPD Site

Indishare website offering the opportunity to upload videos and earn money from them those people who are working on movies or songs download sites. Indishare offers you the faster download speeds as compared to other PPD website.

Many websites do not allow to upload a video but, Indishare one of the website whose allows you to upload your videos. It offers the chance to earn a lot of money from them, whenever any people download content from there. you get some revenue.

Indishare one of the best PPD sites offering for uploading mp3 songs.they can pay you $10 per 1000 song download. So, Indishare one of the best PPD sites to earn money online. Just upload your content and get the maximum amount of money.

Go the create your account After registration, upload your content on the website after uploading. copy the file link and share on social media networks like FB, Google Plus, and Twitter, instagram.telegeam.etc

When a user clicks on the link or downloads your file, then you starting to earn money from them. You can check your earnings performance on the website, when minimum withdrawal amount reaches .you can withdraw your revenue from Request Payout Link from  Paypal, Payza, and Bank Transfer (India) for money withdrawal.

  • Payout Methods through –Payza, Bank Transfer, Neteller, bKash or PayPal
  • Minimum Payout – 5 $
  • Payout Schedule Time – payment under 10 days after payout request.

6. Daily Uploads (without Survey) 

Daily Uploads is one of the most trusted PPD sites they offer one  of the highest payout rates Daily Uploads works on pay for every 1000 downloads also when any go to download your files de do not feel any type of survey for downloading the content

So, if you are looking for a PPD website without a survey, then this website one of the best options, It minimum requires files  1MB in size for earning from downloads. You get money when successfully download a hundred percent file.

Go to the official website create your account upload your content share on your platform or get earn a good amount of revenue.

  • Daily upload pay the highest payout on per 1000 download you will get $16
  • While the lowest minimum amount provided by the site is $1 per 1000 download
  • Those who buy premium membership from Referral they get 10% of the profit.

7. ShareCash – Survey Highest Paying PPD Site 

ShareCash is one of the most valuable PPD Websites or also known as one of the oldest websites. this website run from last 11 years so their trust label is very High this website one of the highest paying Survey pay per download  website

Create your account on share cash or upload your files It allows you to promote them anywhere on the Internet. On every download before Visitors need to complete quick surveys for downloading the files, after downloading you get to earn.

You can also monetize your website or blog by placing their code on your website. You earn money when a visitor gains access to your site.

ShareCash is also more suitable for those people who run a gaming site, video site, coupon site, or eBook site. You can generate revenue by up to $1000 by placing the code on your site. They offer premium eBooks, game guides, and software. You can distribute these files without violating any copyright laws.

  • Sharecash pay around a minimum of $1 to Maximum $20 for every file download.
  • Payout Methods through – ACH, Payza, Payoneer, ACH, and wire transfer
  • Minimum Payout amount – 20$ for Payoneer and 100$ for Wire Transfer.
  • Payout Time:- Standard members get amount once time in a month under one week or Gold member can withdraw money twice in a month For Elite member you can withdraw every week
ShareCash – ( Survey Highest Paying PPD Site
ShareCash –  Survey Highest Paying PPD Site

8. AdWorkMedia – Survey Pay Per Download Affiliate

AdWorkMedia Servey PPD website that allows you to monetize your download links by locking them with an advertisement. This site has a flexible content locker that can be used to monetize desktop or mobile traffic.

Adworkmedia is user friendly they automatically detect mobile devices, according to devices show the content This site offers a good payout Rate, You also monetize your web pages by using their content locker.

  • They pay 0.20$ to 20$ per download.
  • Payout Methods through:- Payoneer Wire Transfer, Western Union, Payza, ACH, Quick Cash and Paypal
  • Minimum amount Payout: 35$
  • Payout Schedule: weekly, 15day of month or last date of month

File upload is without a survey PPD network one of the best sites. You get payment always on time using this website, You can earn up to $7 for 1000 downloads pay per download amount will be increased or decreased according to country.

9. FILEUpload without survey website.

FILEUpload is user friendly they don’t show unwanted add you can also monetize your website. Advertise with FILEUpload. Create your account on FILEUpload or upload your files! videos, songs, software, photos, drawings, articles, and others and earn money from every download.

  • Earn 20% of MONEY from each of your referral if the user can create an account on every you get twenty percent
  •  payment methods:-: Paypal, Perfect Money, WebMoney, AdvCash, Bitcoin, or other
  • Minimum Payout: 1$
  • Payout schedule: under 1 week from date of requesting

10. CPAGrip – Best PPD Survey Site

CPAGrip is another one of the most popular or oldest Survey, PPD networks from the last 9 years They l have content lockers or URL/link lockers that can be used by publishers for monetizing their download.

CPAGrip has Advanced Analytics Engine software that shows the most relevant lead related information. Cgagrip provide high EPC (Earnings per Click) offer.or also provide customer support

  • 5% Referral commission program
  • Payout Methods: PayPal, Check, ACH, Wire
  • Minimum Payout: $50
  • Payout Schedule: every month 15 or 30 date ( you get payment under 7 days )
CPAGrip – Best PPD Survey Site
CPAGrip – Best PPD Survey Site

11. File4.Net – Without survey site

File4 site is a without survey app you can easily handle with a simple design. These also pay enough amount of money, The minimum payment is $1 withdraw through multiple payment methods they pay up to 6$ per 1000 download payout rate increase or decrease according to country, you can easily identify the prices for every country from the site

  • Payment method via:-Paypal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Western Union, and another payment mood.
  • Minimum Payout: 1$
  • Refer program: on every user sign up through your link you get 10% of every transaction
  • Payout schedule:- After payout request you get money under one week
   Join NOW

12. Hulkload – without survey site

Hulkkoad is without a survey PPD website it offers profit for file sharing and is recognized by the fact that you can profit from uploading small files that start Its size only 1 byte and this is great. So you easily get a thousand amounts of traffic.

Hulkkoad site pays $4 per 1000 download of files of amount decrease or increase based on country.

  • Payment methods: Bank, PayPal, Payza, and WebMoney.
  • Minimum Payout: 5$
  • Payment schedule:- 96 hours after payment is requested or every day 1 and 15 per month

So, above you see the potential of Pay per Download or PPD Marketing site you can earn lots of money.

you can consider your website or social Media visitors on pay per download Marketing for promoting your digital products and generate revenue. Or  Pay per Download Marketing is a simple quick, easy way to monetize your online offers or campaigns.or don’t require any amount of initial investment.

In the above we mentioned 12 best PPD sites to earn money online. Now, Select with a survey or without Survey Website any of them upload your contents on it and start making money at your home using these earning methods. All the above sites are fully genuine and trusted. Also, highest paying PPD sites.

That’s why we shared a high paying genuine site. so now create your account or enjoy earning. You can use these in any country, no matters from where you belong to.if you are confused which site you choose so  Personally opinion we recommend you should try

Daily upload,, Dollar upload, Adscend Media, share cash or Cgagrip or you can also try any of them all websites are trusted at that time.

So, if you like the information please Review your feedback 😊 below you have any questions related to this ask your query in the comment box or turn on the website notification to get the latest update.

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