(My Success Method) How to Earn Money From Quora in 2020

Quora is one of the best famous sites in the world most of the people are using Quora if you are the user of Quora can you know? you can Earn Money From Quora in the many different ways by using Quora and follow Their Terms rules people can easily make a profit from Quora, don’t be surprised  you can actually Earn Money From Quora

From the last few years or till now quora have become one of the best websites or apps to gather intel on various things and people can ask their questions and instant get their answers and solve their doughts.

How to earn money from Quora in 2020
How to earn money from Quora in 2020

This is also one of the best platforms for people who are interested in sharing Their knowledge and opinion about any particular topic or subject.

How to make money From Quora

This Quora platform doesn’t only serve as a place for people to ask their questions and get an answer, but it has also become a knowledge hub. For the last many years people have asked so many questions in fact almost anything that you can think to ask, would have already been asked the question by someone and get there a solution by the people.

For the people who just want to read up and gained their knowledge they can do that just go to the app click on search icon then searching the database by using relevant keywords.

However, Quora doesn’t stop anyone from asking repeated questions or asking similar questions.

In fact, interesting things are that you can earn money from Quora by asking a lot of questions.

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How does Quora work and make money?

Quora is an online submission forum cum social media platform Where the people or user can ask their doughts in the question section and get their answers from different people.

From the past year’s, Quora has become one of the best useful and daily using app by the people Here people are not giving answers they are looking for, it also suggests many questions according to your similar topic, These suggestions help us to people can explore more topics and get more knowledge from experts.

basically, the Quora platform can Earn money by running ads on their website or app pages. The ads showing on the page get profitable when there are a lot of visitors on the Quora, the platform gains visitors by having interesting questions.

If you ask any questions Google results show the Quora results on the top list due to Famous and genuine site in google that’s why Quora gains a lot of visitors and these users make add click and impression and company generate revenue.

Now, let’s move on to our main topic, how you can earn money from Quora from the different ways which you can earn money from quora are as follows.

What are the Methods to Earn Money From Quora

You can make money from Quora by different ways read the below-mentioned ways to earn money from Quora.

#1. Earn Money From Quora Using Affiliate Marketing

As you can know about this platform is all about answering questions and providing solutions you can Use affiliate marketing works on Quora in a legit way.

So, you know that Affiliate marketing is basically promoting any company products and earn profits when anyone buys from your link.

Just go to Quora if any questions are like that “best tv”, which phone I bought, which dress I have to buy from an online store, best Nobel Reding books in daily life any questions related to the product’s just you can answer a question while answering this question just put your affiliate link.

Suppose you can answer a question the best Nobel books for English improving?

Just answer that particular questions, once you are done with your answer, you can add the option to let your viewers click to a link and purchase the book via that link.

This link you can get from any online e-commerce website by joining their affiliate program like Amazon, Flipkart or any other platform you’ve selected, directly to the product being talked about

#2. Sell Your Own Product or Service via Quora

Quora is a place where many people searching for a lot of products and other services and asking questions likes which providers or sellers are the best for buying these particular products and how to decide between the many product options.

You can answer these questions grabs this opportunity with put a lot of information about your particular product or service in the answer, basically, by using the free platform as a marketing and visibility tool for your business.

And you can add your website service or product link in bio if anyone likes your question they can visit your account then can also CliCk on your given link if the user likes your services they can buy from you.

#3.Become a Quora Partner

By the become a Quora partner program Quora rewarded people for asking questions as it is via these questions that a lot of people show up their similar question answered and get their solution.

As I Above mentioned that Quora basically pays you by asking a lot of questions. So, if you any important and interesting questions going around in your mind, just ask them in question but the question is relevant and useful and also get paid for getting answers to your questions.

If you get your asking questions Higher views you earned the higher payout. While sometime it will be weird that you are paid to ask questions and not to solve the answer,

But you have to understand that the basic aim of the Quora site is to start conversations and discussions about various niche and topics and thus gain interaction with people on the internet.

Tips:- so, asked that types of questions have more useful and many people also searched that question in good or in Quora then you get more visitors from Quora and gain more revenue.

#4.Win Quora Knowledge Prizes

Sometime before Quora realize that people not only come from ask questions lot of people look for answers at quora

for a lot of important information so Quora launches the Quora knowledge prizes program that main aim is that quora have allowed sponsored questions

Where the many people earn from quora by asking questions so, you can know to earn from Quora by answering there is one way you can earn money from answering on quora.

You can answer that type of question that offers monetary prizes known as quora knowledge prizes.

So, These type questions are sponsored by individuals or companies Attaching monetary prizes to questions allows the individual or company to get answers for something from people which is very important to them.

Quora’s knowledge prizes program’s main aim is that answers are public to all the people so anyone can benefit from that and the quiz prize is awarded by the sponsor company to the winning answer and the winner is also acknowledged with the winning answer badge.


Here, are some major valid and legit tips to earn money from Quora my personal preference you can use

affiliate and Quora partner program in the priority you have to change from them to generate good revenue sources

of income, you can also try other major ways to make money from Quora if you have any questions just comment below.

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