How to Use One WhatsApp Account on Two Devices

How to Use One WhatsApp Account on Two Devices

Trick / How to Whatsapp Account On Two Devices If, You Have Two Android Phones And If You Want To Use Your Own Account On Both Android Phones. By Default, Then You Activate Whatsapp Account In One Device.

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Then, When You Try To Activate It On Second Android Phones It Will Automatically Be Deactivated From The First Phone. Now, You Have A Solution To Run One  Account On Two Devices Without Rooting The Smartphone

You Can Use The  ‘Whatsapp Web’ For Using One Whatsapp Account At Two In The Same Time. In This Article We Are Providing A Quick And Easy Guide To Use The Same Whatsapp Account On Two Different Devices At The Same Time With The Same Default Phone Number.

How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices
How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices

Can Really Use One Whatsapp Account In Two Smartphone

Generally, you can use one WhatsApp account at one time But WhatsApp officially does not allow their user to use one account on two android phones due to WhatsApp user or there privacy security reasons. But there is two or three tricks you can use one WhatsApp account in two Android phones

WhatsApp is currently working on a project that the user can use their account in various Android phones. WhatsApp latest beta version hint that the multiple device system Final work on the project is in progress. This feature will be available soon then  WhatsApp officially allow the user to use one account in various Android phone or iOS.

But you have to use your one account into smartphones then For this, then you can download it third party app from Play Store known as “WhatsAppScan Prothis app only available in Play Store so this method will not work if your primary phone is Android secondary phone is iOS this method only working Android to Android smartphones

Note:- WhatsAppScan Pro using lots of AD.

Types Of Method Using One Whatsapp Account In Two Phone

By WhatsApp Officially now at the time, there is no official solution but you can use WhatsApp account in two phones by some method like

  1. Web Browser
  2. WhatsAppscan app
  3. Smartphone to Laptop desktop

What Is Whatsapp Scan Pro App

WhatsAppscan pro is an app that you can use for using one WhatsApp account in two Phone by QR code scanning this app now available in Play Store but not available in iOS so you’re an iOS user you can not use this app Almost 50k + people download this app with 4.6 Rating by 382 reviews. But there is one problem that irritates you this app contains lots of.

App LINk

How To Use One Whatsapp Account In Two Phone By Web Browser

  • Open your WhatsApp account in primary phone or in second open the Chrome and search this website will redirect you to ‘’.
  • Now tap on chrome ‘3 line dot’ menu at the right side URL box and click on the ‘Request Desktop Site’ option. It will take you to the desktop site ‘’.
  • Now, open your  Whatsapp account on the primary phone after Whatsapp open  click on 3 Vertical dots’ Menu icon there are lots of options  –> click on ‘WhatsApp Web scan
  • Now, WhatsApp scanning camera opens in the primary phone, Now just scan the QR Code shown on the browser of the second phone scan the QR code from a primary smartphone.
  •  done Now, on your other phone you can see Whatsapp screen will be open you can also control all the settings on another phone you can send message to any send photos, video everything.
How to use whatsapp Account in two smartphone
Go the web link and click on desktop site
How to use whatsapp Account in two smartphone
Qr code will be open in the browser now scan with primary phon

Note:- Must ensure that both devices will be connected through Data connection.

How To Use Whatsapp Account In Two Phone By Whatsappscan App

  • Download the WhatsAppscan app in secondary phone install the App open it on second phone allow the permission of Media files.
  • Now, open your WhatsApp account in primary phone Click on 3 dot Click on “WhatsApp web” now your Qr camera  scanner is open
  • Now in second phone click on “WhatsCan” now Qr code will be generated
  • scan this QR code from the first  phone to the second phone after scanning it will take some time  it will be open in your secondary Phone
  • Now, you see all the messages, video photos status showing in second phone the same as default WhatsApp you can control everything send – receive messages.
How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices
How to use one WhatsApp account on what scan app
How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices
Click on what can QR code will be open
How to use one WhatsApp account on two devices
Click on web scan than code

Use The Whatsapp On Your Desktop Or Pc

If you want to use your WhatsApp in your Laptop desktop then follow the Below step

This process also works on the same method of scanning WhatsApp QR code and using the WhatsApp on your laptop or PC.

  1.   open your WhatsApp application on the smartphone and then open your desktop pc go to the default browser and search 
  2. After opening the website we see the option  to scan the QR code now open the WhatsApp account on your smartphone
  3. Now required to “scan the QR code” Click on three-dot again’ click on it open your what’s app web scan the camera will open on your mobile device.
  4. On the other side you see the QR code in laptop desktop  or PC, Now scan the QR code from smartphone to Laptop it same some few seconds now see all your WhatsApp seeing in laptop
  5. Now you also control your WhatsApp account Through desktop you can also send or receive messages


How To Logout Whatsapp From Desktop Pc Or From Third-Party App

If You Want To Logout Your Whatsapp From Third-Party App Or Laptop Pc You Need To Just Do One Thing Go To The Primary Default Whatsapp Account Open It Again ” Click ” One “Whatsapp Web” After Clicking Here You See All The Device Where Your Whatsapp Account Will Be Open For Log Out Click Below ” Logout From All Devices”  After Clicking On In Few Second The Account Will Be Deactivated From All The Device Where You Log In. After Successfully Logout No Device Will Be Shown In “Whatsapp Web”


Here Are Some Methods We Provide You Can Use Any One Of Them To Use One Whatsapp Account In Two Phones At The Same Time. There Is No Other Way To Use Whatsapp In Different Phones Or Desktop At Same Times You Can Use Through Whatsapp Web, Whatsapp Scan App, What Web Or Also We Can Explain How You Use In Desktop Also Do Not Use Any Untrusted App Or Apk File It Will Affect Your Privacy Or Any Suspicious Activity  Whatsapp Deactivated Your Account So So Do Not Use Any App. The Method We Provided Is Trusted Or Secure This Method Does Not Harm Your Privacy Or Does Not Violate Any Privacy Policy.

If You Have Facing Any Problem You Can Comment Below We Are Trying To Solve Your Query.

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